Yarn weight and Gauge Demystified.

Yarn to the non-hooker looks easy but to those of us who crochet or knit we know that it is often very frustrating when trying to get the proper gauge and look to our projects.

                   For newbies or curious

Gauge in crochet or knitting is the amount of stitches or rows measuring a certain length. So if your gauge is 8 inches for x amount of rows or x amount of stitches this is how you can check and make sure your project has the correct tension and that you are using the correct size hook. For some projects it will tell you what hook  to use but here is a chart with some weights and gauges.


       Weight – the weight of yarn is like its thickness it can be found on the tag of most yarn and will be shown as a picture of a skein of yarn with a number in it. The number s tell you obviously what weight it is but what size of needle should be used with it and for what projects it should be used.weighweights2Above is a chart showing you the number and name of that certain type of yarn and then what it can be used for. Now to the left is a chart that shows a visual of the different weights and what hooks are best used with them.


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