A minion an octopus and a hard place, Crochet gone loopy!

I have given in, I have sold my soul to make a crochet order happen, I made a minion hat…20140115_114853 Now although I admit this 1 year old sized hat is not the best looking the customer was happy , but I just cant believe what these go for on etsy like $20 for a hat? I am crocheting this with a pair of the minion overalls and grey booties for $30 and I found a pair of the overalls on etsy for 23$ plus shipping. To anyone who crochets I know you want to make money , but for me I feel bad unless using expensive yarns for charging people that much

Lets do the order math Yarn cost me 2.77 the hat used less than half of skein and hat took me 4 hours so for me 10$ is as much as I could charge and when bundled with every thing else I think it is a great deal.

Pattern find of the day

octopusI found an amazing puzzle crochet octopus thanks to the link I posted below, she made it easy to follow and its a great gift for children.



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